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    Incredible Wines Come from Extraordinary Land

    Everything we do at Spicewood Vineyards to make incredible Texas wine starts in our extraordinary vineyards. Our dedication to the land shows in the quality of each bottle of wine we make.
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Spicewood Vineyards was founded as a winery that only produced wines made with estate-grown grapes. As we grow, we strive to remain as close to that tradition as possible. Growing our grapes and making our wine at the same location gives us the ability to take a very hands-on approach in the vineyard.

We’re zealous about grape growing. It started with science. Before the vineyards were first planted, the original owners, the Manigolds, conducted an extensive soil analysis to determine which grape varieties to would thrive in the three soil types on the estate. Nine of the original 17 acres of grape vines are stilling producing excellent fruit on vines that are more than 24 years old. Over the years, we have expanded to thirty-two planted acres on-site, growing a several varieties of wine grapes including Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Tempranillo.

We take a “hands in the dirt” approach to vineyard management, spending a lot of time year-round to ensure we have the best possible fruit. Mother Nature can be brutal. By actively working the vineyards through each season, we help the vines flourish despite crippling frost, shredding hail, and searing heat. Each makes its mark. The variation of conditions from vintage to vintage is incredible. Understanding our vines makes it possible for us to produce wines that we are proud to bring to your table year in and year out.

Beyond our estate-grown fruit, we work with well-established grape growers in Texas who share the passion for being in the vineyard to ensure we have a steady supply of high-quality grapes in a wide selection of varieties. Spicewood Vineyards has long-standing relationships with top growers who also have a vision for how better grapes will make better Texas wine and help the whole industry grow.