The Extended Family

The Yates family is active in the management and operations of the family-owned Spicewood Vineyards. The team also operates like an extended family, and treats guests like family too.

Reagan Sivadon, Assistant Winemaker

A long-time friend of Ron Yates, assistant winemaker, Reagan Sivadon, got his first experience at Spicewood Vineyards as a volunteer. With a background in construction management and building restoration, Reagan joined Spicewood fulltime in 2012 working in the vineyard to build the trellises and irrigation systems. Over time he began spending more time in the winery with Todd learning the wine making process, and transitioned to the role of assistant winemaker. The father of two is an avid student of the wine industry and enjoys discovering new Texas wines.

Brad Dixon, Vineyard Manager

Marine Corps veteran, Brad Dixon, joined Spicewood Vineyards in 2007. As the vineyard manager he oversees the health of the estate vineyards as well as the managed vineyards in Texas. His hands-on approach ensures the best possible crops no matter what curve balls the weather throws. He has studied viticulture classes at The University of California, Davis and Texas Tech.

Shane Wall, Assistant Vineyard Manager

Assistant vineyard manager, Shane Wall, has been a fixture working among the vines at Spicewood Vineyards since 2008. He joined the winery as a full-time employee in January of 2014. He is currently enrolled in the Texas Tech viticulture program to expand his vineyard education.

Daniel Cook, Tasting Room Manager

Marble Falls resident, Daniel Cook, has extensive experience in the food and beverage industry over the past 25 years working in the U.S. and Japan. He discovered a true love for wine while visiting Tuscany, Italy over the course several summers while still living in Japan. Upon returning to Texas, he became reacquainted with his old friend, Ron Yates, who invited him to follow his passion at Spicewood Vineyards.