Wine Club Membership Accounts

We have finally integrated our Wine Club membership with our online user accounts!

You can now log in to immediately receive a 15% member discount on all wines, get early bird and members only specials and much more.

This info applies to all members and is very import, Please read carefully.

If you have a Wine Club membership but have not created an account to purchase wines online:

You now have an online account which was created by your name and email associated with our Wine Club mailing list. This account is automatically a Wine Club member, we just need to give you access to it by creating a password.

To access your new account, you need to have a password created, you can do so by clicking on the “Lost Password?” link below our user login fields in our sidebar to the right (or below if your using a mobile device).


when you receive an email with your reset password link, click on that link and create a new password for your account. Once you have that password you can log in and create a username, add your billing and shipping address information and immediately begin to take advantage of your online member discounts!

If you already have an online account:

If you already have an online account set up with us, just log in, its that easy! Your account should already be converted.

If your account is still not a Wine Club account:

when you log in and go to your account page, you should see the text below:

winclub2If you do NOT see this text, your account is still a standard customer account and needs to be converted by our website administrator.

This can usually happen quickly if we are able to confirm your Wine Club membership with the records at the winery offices.

If you need to have your pre-existing user account converted over to a confirmed Wine Club member account, of if you are having problems with your new online account, please use the contact form below to contact our Site Admin directly. Sometimes Yahoo emails are blocked by the server as spam, if you feel we may not have received your request or if no one has replied, please call our Site Admin, Roz, at 512-707-9976.

Thank you and welcome to the new Wine Club membership accounts!